hmmm ,

should our relationship ends like this huhh ?

ouhh please GOD ! pleasee !

please dont take him away from me .

he's apart of my life .

NO ! i mean , he is my life .

my future , my man , my only one .


i know it's my fault ,

i always scold him .

always make him hurt .

but , what he did to me was sooo ....

hmm , i dont know what to say .

i loved him so much but ,

how dare he did such a fuckingg thing to me ?

i never treat him like that .

how come ea when we argued , he text another girl and asking her for a date ?

did you know my heart was broken because of that ?

i'm crying for all day , . .

dont you remember our sweet moment ?

did you forget how hard we try to keep our relationship ?

pleasee laa !

our wedding is coming .

you said you'll never do it again right ?

hmm , okayy . I FORGIVED YOU .

i just want you to know that ,

i never been soo happy before .

but you brightened my life with your love .

and i hope i will feel it again ,

feel like you're the one and only in my heart .

i need you to complete my life .

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